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  • How long does it last?
    PrintGRIP is recommended to be replaced between 3 to 6 months of use. The material will always be tacky, BUT over time it will get more difficult to clear the lint off.
  • What type of material does it work on?
    PrintGRIP adheres to most fabrics. Best on Cotton, Polyester, Cotton Blends, Poly Blends, and Tri Blends consisting of Poly/Cotton/Rayon. PrintGRIP does not adhere well to certain blends of Nylon/Elastin or Nylon/Spandex or combinations of those. If printing on this type of material it is best to run a test print first.
  • Can I heat flash printGRIP
    Yes, printGRIP can be flashed. PrintGRIP has been tested to 970 degrees for 20 seconds with no signs of scorching.
  • What happens if I print in it?
    PrintGRIP can be cleaned off by using an on press cleaner.
  • Should I be worried about Ghost images or ink transferring through the shirt?
    No, you may see Ghost or transfered images. They can be cleaned with an on press cleaner but as long as it is not affecting the stickyness you do not have to clean them off.
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